Since 1988

World-class Outdoor Broadcast Capability

OBECO is an Outside Broadcast Company founded and established in 1988 in South Africa by Anton Pretorius, who gained an immense amount of experience after his training with the South African Broadcast Corporation in the 80's as a Television Engineer. Since then Obeco has quietly and firmly established themselves as a reliable, very affordable and highly recommended outside broadcast company in South Africa.
Obeco has a comprehensive range of outside broadcast units, tailored to suit your needs.


Fully Equiped OB Vans

  • One or two Mercedes Benz Sprinters depending on the size of your production crew. If both vans are used, audio and 3Play moves to second van.
  • Fully Air-conditioned
  • 5kVA UPS
  • 6.5kVa or 35kVa generator
  • ForA 16 input 2ME vision mixer with 4x DME and 6x key layers
  • Two 10way Multiviewers on 32″ LCD monitors
  • XDcam HD Disc Recorder
  • 2x AJA Kipro Recorders
  • 8x Blackmagic Card Recorders
  • Newtek 3Play 425 4in/2out for instant replay and highlights packages. (Second Sprinter)
  • Comms, racks, Tally to Cameras via Fibre
  • Comms to Floor Manager via Clearcom Radio Packs
  • Comms to Lighting and 3Play van via Fibre system
  • Comms to presenters via Sennheiser IEM packs
    Comrex cellphone hybrid
  • Yamaha ORV 96 Digital Audio Desk
  • Various audio snakes via Fibre
  • 8x Sennheiser radio mic receivers built in flight case
  • 8x Sennheiser Lapel mics
  • 3x Sennheiser hand Held mics
  • Various other mics
  • Comrex cellphone hybrid
  • Apple Mac Pro with FCP and Decklink HD for clip server or Cgen
  • Ross Xpression c/o Jana if needed
  • RCP750 Remote control panels
  • Dual Blackmagic scopes
  • Sony 32″ monitor with multiview
  • Sony PDW700 or PMW400 HD cameras
  • Sony RCP750 remote panels
    Coms, racks and Tally to camera via Fibre
  • Fibre lengths up to 1km
    Various lenses from 4.3mm HD to 22x HD

Live Mix Kits

  • Sony NX5, Sony HVR S270 or Sony PDW700 camera kits
  • Sony MC8, BRS200 or ForA HVS350 vision mixers
  • All kits have at Multiview monitors and cable coms
  • AJA kipro, Blackmagic Shuttle or Sony PMW1000 card recorders
  • All cables included
  • We deliver countrywide and source crew

Single Camera Kits

  • Sony PDW700 XDcam HD disc cameras
  • Sony PMW400 CDcam EX HD cameras
  • Sony HVR S270 HD cameras with Blackmagic card recorders
  • Sony NX5 AVC HD camcorders
  • Sony MX1 HD pencil cameras
  • Teradek Bolt600 HD links
  • Teradek Beam HD links
  • Teradek Cube Encoders/Decoders
  • 2-10km Microwave Links (HD)

Since 1988


Since 1988

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Randpark Ridge,
Johannesburg, South Africa

Telephone: +27(0)11 792 4445
Office: +27(0)11 792 4445

Anton: +27(0)82 443 0501

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