World-class Outdoor Broadcast Capability

OBECO is an Outside Broadcast Company founded and established in 1988 in South Africa by Anton Pretorius, who gained an immense amount of experience after his training with the South African Broadcast Corporation in the 80's as a Television Engineer. Since then Obeco has quietly and firmly established themselves as a reliable, very affordable and highly recommended outside broadcast company in South Africa.
Obeco has a comprehensive range of outside broadcast units, tailored to suit your needs.

OB Vans

We offer Outside Broadcast Vans of various sizes. OB1 is a full HD van with 8x Triax HD cameras and a 16input HD switcher. Record HD on Sony XDCAM HD or SD on Sony DVCAM, or on HDD. Details

Fly Away Kits

We offer one SD flyaway kit in flight cases consisting of 4x Sony triax cameras. Records on Sony DVCAM or HDD. Details

Live Mix Kits

We offer various live mix kits in SD or HD consisting of ENG cameras, a vision mixer, monitors, recorder and coms Details

Single Cameras

We stock various SD or HD cameras, ENG or Studio setup Details


Satellite Transmission

We offer a SNG van with 1.5m Dish and KU band full redundancy capability Details